Publish Tab Overview

When your course is complete and you are ready to load it in a LMS or send someone a preview link you can Publish your course in 3 different ways.

From the Welcome page, click the “Publish” button beside the applicable course.

Or, from the authoring page of the course, click the “Publish” tab found on the top right side of the screen.

  1. Publish Preview: You can publish a watermarked preview link to send to someone to review your course.
  2. Download Your Course: You can publish to download a zip file of your course to load into a learning management system.
  3. Publish to Udutu LMS: If you have a Udutu LMS account you can publish your course directly to your account.

lightbulbTip: You can sign up for the Udutu LMS here

lightbulbTip: Each time you update your course you will need to re-publish your course.

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