Customize Your LMS Account

Use the steps below as a guideline to assist you with your LMS setup. If you require additional details, refer to the specific procedure for complete instructions.

Step 1:  Select your preferred registration options

Go to Organization Tab ->Registration Options
      • Set up the registration parameters for your learners

Step 2:  Customize the look of your LMS account

Go to Organization Tab ->Theme Builder, Style Builder, Learner View Builder, Navigation
      • Update the look and feel of your account by customizing buttons, font styles, homepage images and adding your own branding

Step 3:  Add users to your LMS account

Go to User Management Tab
  • Add any additional Administrators or Instructors
  • Add learners (if learners are not self-enrolling)

Step 4: Create and define Roles/Groups/Classrooms

Go to Category Management Tab ->Roles/Groups/Classrooms
      • Create applicable roles, groups or classrooms – Why? – Assigning learners to roles, groups and/or classrooms allows you to enroll “batches” of learners in to the same training activity in one step.  This also allows you to generate reports for specific groups of learners.

Step 5: Upload your online courses

Go to Activity Management ->My Activities
  • Upload your courses and define course options (pre-requisites, passing grades etc)
  • Enroll learners into courses (permissions)
  • Add applicable cost to course

Step 6: Create additional learning activities

Go to Activity Management ->My Activities
  • Set up Tasks, GoToMeeting sessions, GoToTraining sessions, and/or F2F (face to face) meetings
  • Enroll learners into activities

Step 7: Build Learning Paths

Go to Activity Management ->Learning Paths
  • Create Learning Paths – This allows you to create a “package” of learning activities (courses, tests, tasks, F2F meetings, etc) that can then be assigned as a package to your learners.
  • Enroll learners into Learning Paths

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