Create a link to a GoTo Meeting / GoTo Training Account

Before you can add GoToTraining or GoToMeeting activities to your LMS, you must first link your GoToTraining or GoToMeeting account to the LMS.    Note: You must renew the link to your GoToMeeting/GoToTraining account yearly.

  1. Begin by selecting the type of account to link to.
IC01a_go to mtg
  1. Then click the Login button.
IC01b_ go to mtg
  1. Enter in your email address and password, then click “Continue”.
IC01c_go to mtg
  1. A message will appear to confirm that you have successfully linked your account to the LMS.
  2. You can now add GoToMeeting and GoToTraining sessions for your learners by clicking on the “Add Course” button.
IC01d_go to mtg


Note: To link a different GoToMeeting/GoToTraining account to your LMS, repeat steps 1-5.

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