Add a Time Limit To Your Course

This feature allows you to set a time limit to your course.  Once the specified amount of time has lapsed, the learner is re-directed to another screen in the course that informs them that they have run out of time and must close and launch the course again to continue.

      1. Add a new folder to your course labelled as “Timeout Re-direct”.  Ensure that you have selected “disable navigation when in this group or scenario”.
      2. Add a screen to the “Timeout Re-direct” folder. Include a message in this screen to explain why the learner has been re-directed.  E.g. “I’m sorry but you ran out of time to complete this course.  Please close and re-launch the course to try again!”.
      3. Hover over “Course Tools” and select “Settings”.
  • Highlight the course folder in the course outline. In the course settings screen, update the “Timeout(sec)” field with the maximum amount of time allowed to complete this course
  • Click the “select screen” button to the right of the Timeout Redirect option.
  • Select the screen within the Timeout Re-direct folder. This is the screen the learner will be redirected to when the time limit has been reached.

Tip: As part of the course introduction, you should advise your learner that there is a time limit to completing this course.

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