How do I copy a course to another workspace or archive it?

Let’s say you have three separate authoring accounts and want to move a course from one account to another. To do that you would export the course from the original account and import it into the second one. You can export/extract the course on the Distribute tab within the tool. This will create a zip file containing all the elements of your course which can then be uploaded into an LMS, onto a web server, or simply stored (and played) from a desktop, laptop, or any storage device.

This same zip file can be uploaded into another workspace using Option C in the Create tab of the authoring tool. Note that the theme of the course will not import. For details on how to copy a theme from one workspace to another click here.

If you are simply archiving courses for storage offline, then you would just save the zip file that you get from exporting the course, and put it wherever you want to store the archives.

If you want to archive a copy of a course within a given authoring account, then just use the copy function and rename the archived one to say “archived copy” or something similar.

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