Best Practices for Building Accessible Courses in Udutu

The impact of an online course is only as good as its accessibility. The following outlines the considerations for creating an accessible online course. There are instructions on how to succeed when developing courses with Udutu’s Authoring Tool.

Before you Begin!
Build the course with the NEW Udutu Mobile Friendly button. The new Mobile theme has made it even easier to keep your courses consistent, appealing and accessible.

Accessible Colors and Fonts

There are:

  • Accessible color schemes. Choose the suggested color themes that were specifically included for their color contrast.
  • Accessible fonts: Choose font styles that are best practice for accessibility. Open Sans and Roboto are great choices for their clean style and readability on a screen.
  • Note: Italics do NOT pass the accessibility check.

Navigation is focused.

  • The navigation in the Udutu Mobile Friendly theme works great on all devices. It is a seamless user experience.
  • The menu screen in the navigation bar is accessible for screen readers. Glossary and resources are easily navigated to be screen readers.

Each screen has a header.

  • When you edit text on a screen, be sure to fill out the Title field. It is required that each new screen has a header/title.

Images have alternative text.

  • When you edit an image, be sure to fill out the description field. This will automatically generate the alt text for that image.

Quiz Questions are focused.

  • I recommend using Udutu’s jump to screens to create multiple choice questions.

This allows you to:

  1. Add feedback for each response.
  2. Create Alt Text for images.
  3. The feedback is its own screen. Note: Screen readers can not ‘focus’ on the pop up screens in the Udutu Quiz template screens.

Language is accessible.

  • When developing a course avoid language that asks the learner to look or see. It’s best to imagine yourself using a screen reader.

If you would like help to convert your Classic Course into a Udutu Mobile Friendly course, please reach out and we can help you.

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