Administrators can manually add users to the system.

  1. Click on User Manageent and then “Create New”.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. Click “Save”.
2B02a_add new userAll fields denoted with an asterisk must be completed.
  • Username: Used by learner to log in.
  • Permission Types: Use the drop- down menu to set up the user’s access level
    • Browser – View courses (completion status not tracked)
    • Learner – Access and complete courses. (completion tracked)
    • Instructor – Access and complete courses. Create and assign learning activities that you have access to (permission) to other users. Add/edit Users, Roles, Groups and access Reports
    • Administrator – Full access. Ability to create learning activities, view and assign all learning activities to users (permissions). Add/edit Users, Roles, Groups and access Reports
  • Group: Used to assign user to a specific group.
  • Password/Confirm New Password: Used to assign a password for log in.
  • First/last name: Used to identify user on reports etc.
  • Mark Active: Used to set this user as an active employee.
  • Mark Inactive: Used to set this user as an inactive employee
2B02b_add new user
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