My Activities Tab Overview

Activity Management is used to load and define learning activities, build Learning Paths, assign training to users, edit group training records and view course specific reports.  You also have the option of assigning a cost to a learning activity, thereby allowing you to sell your courses via Udutu’s LMS.

Learning activities can be used in multiple Learning Paths and therefore assigned to various groups of users.  (Eg. The same “Safety” course can be used in multiple Learning Paths). 

My Activities Tab
The “Add Activity” button can be used to load a new course or create a new activity within your LMS account.

The “Export Report” button can be used to generate a list of all activities within your LMS account.
To find a specific course/activity, scroll down the list or use the “Search” box.
Below each activity, the following activity options appear:
  • Launch: Preview the course in a new window.
  • Edit: Edit course name, description, number of allowed attempts and course prerequisites etc.
  • Assign Training: Used to assign course to specific users, jobs, or groups.
  • Report: Provides activity specific reports: User Report/Activity Report/Quiz Report.
  • Delete: Delete activity from the LMS.
  • Email Rule: Set up automatic emails to advise learners of enrollment and/or completion status/reminders.
  • Manage Training Record:  This feature allows an administrator or report manager to mark a Task, F2F, G2M or G2T session as complete for a specific learner, or a group of learners.

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