How to Improve Employee Onboarding Using Online Training Solutions 

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January 5, 2023

Employee training and employee training management are two important factors that every business should implement. Although it is time-consuming, the right employee training sets up your business for short and long-term success. If you are a learning and development professional looking to make learning experiences in your organization more employee-centric, affordable, and improve higher learner engagement and retention, you have come to the right place. Let’s learn more about the online training solutions that will benefit your business.  

The Importance of Effective Employee Onboarding 

Before we get into the concepts of online training solutions and how they work to enhance your engagement, let’s look at an example of why employee training with total training solutions is important. No matter where you are in your career, there was at least one time when you were the “newbie.” Think about your onboarding experience and what could have improved your success. The same is true right now for Jeff.  

Real-Word Example of Employee Onboarding  

Jeff started working for his company about a month ago in a new industry.  However, you would think that 30 days into his new role, he would start feeling more knowledgeable about his company, team, and role. Unfortunately, that is not true because his onboarding training has not been efficient or effective.  

Over the past month, Jeff has only received information through e-mails and meetings with HR that are disjointed and non-cohesive. He has tried to set up meetings with his teammates and supervisor for support. However, they are too busy with their work and continue ignoring his emails.  

He mostly works remotely but does have a few hybrid days in the week when he goes into his physical office. Sadly, things are no better in the office as the team is busy and focused on their respective roles. This onboarding experience has started to negatively impact Jeff’s performance, and how he views his job and company. Unfortunately, the difficulties he is facing are starting to pile up. This onboarding process is not effective.  

The digital age may dominate how many people operate and socialize, but there are online learning solutions that can help your team meet, and exceed training goals for the better. Are you ready to learn how to help Jeff and team members like him? Keep reading to learn more! 

The Success of Effective Online Training Solutions 

What employees need to succeed during onboarding and ongoing development are training tools. This also includes an employee training platform that learners can access anywhere, at any time, and at their own learning pace.  

An end-to-end online training solution can help create a great onboarding experience for all new hires, make it seamless for their transition into the company, and improve employee performance. What more could you want or need for your employees? 

Plus, you can implement features and options when using training software for employees. Let’s discover what options are available.  

Set Up a Pre-Onboarding Process 

Establishing a pre-onboarding process will help streamline many steps and lines of communication for new hires. During this process, you could begin any necessary paperwork, introduce teammates and provide an overview of what to expect on the first day, week, month, etc. At this step, you set the stage and establish a routine to guide people into their new roles.  

Build Learning Workflows with a 30-60-90-day Onboarding Plan 

So many people talk about the 30-60-90-day plan during the interview process but once hired, it kind of just falls off of the radar as companies ramp up their new hires. However, just like in the first step with a pre-onboarding plan, you need an effective onboarding plan set up so that the entire team is on the same page. This way, everyone clearly understands what is expected of a new hire in the first 1-3 months of their employment. 

 Streamlined processes can reduce overloading a new hire with too much information at once and will likely dictate their length of employment with your company. So, if you want employees to stick around for a while, you need to create and invest in a solid onboarding process that does not just start and end with the new employee’s first day of work.  

Provide Training Material Asynchronously & Accessible from Anywhere 

This point is our favorite and the easiest to talk about! Employee training management software, because it is online, allows your material to be curated, edited, and administered from anywhere! Make onboarding easy with a learning management system (LMS). 

Include Surveys and Feedback Mechanisms to Customize Individual Employee Training Needs 

An online platform, or LMS, is easy to communicate regularly with your employees and survey their needs or interests. You don’t have to use an LMS solely for onboarding, and it can be just as successful in providing ongoing professional development, too. Additionally, content and feedback can be accessed and assessed from anywhere, making the lives of your learning and development leaders that much easier.  

Track Employee Learning Performance Using Analytics 

Lastly, track all performance using analytics! LMS platforms are a great way to measure KPIs and ensure your learners achieve their training goals. No matter how often you need to administer onboarding or training, you can track learner performance and adjust content when needed, from anywhere! Don’t ever waste time on onboarding or training solutions again – an LMS is what you need to simplify the process without compromising quality.  

Udutu Can Help You Achieve an Effective Employee Onboarding Experience 

Jeff went to his team with the above solutions and their team has never worked better together after their system implementation. Plus, their KPIs are higher than ever. You can do the same with Udutu’s end-to-end online training solution!  

Between our cloud-based LMS and integrated course authoring tool, we have got you covered. It is time to improve your employees’ onboarding and professional development experiences which can also be translated into many languages like French and Spanish. Now is the best time to enhance your employee onboarding experience. Inclusive and successful training options are available!

Schedule a free demo with Udutu to get started today. 

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