How to Deliver Channel Partner Training Using an LMS 

channel partner training
November 29, 2022

Online learning solutions are all the rage these days, but they can be quite an investment in time and money. However, you can still invest in a successful online training solution for your organization without needing large capital or endless operational budgets.  

Let’s explore how as a small or medium-sized business owner, you can successfully utilize a learning management system (LMS) to run your business, its franchises, and other distributor channels. We are here to walk you through all things related to LMS and channel partner training.  

eLearning Solutions and the Countless Benefits 

First, an end-to-end eLearning solution is important in providing critical training from start to finish. This includes anything that involves onboarding, opening a new franchise, or providing ongoing learning and development systems for all of the above.  

When you have a quality learning solution in place, you and your teams (or channel partners) have all the following benefits below.  

  • Meet customized training needs of channel partners to achieve training goals 
  • Be able to provide just-in-time training, microlearning options (training in small modules that are easy to consume for on-the-job training) 
  • Provide training content that is easily accessible from mobile devices 
  • Central location to access and administer learning 
  • Track progress in real-time and provide support when and where needed from individual people to channel partner enterprises 
  • Motivate others to work as a team and meet KPI’s at the same time 

What Can You Achieve with Channel Partner Training?  

Consistent and quality training is key because partners or franchises differ in locations does not mean they should vary in service or quality. If you want all consumers to have the same customer experience, service, products, environment, and more, then you should invest in a quality end-to-end learning solution for all your channel partners.  

 When using eLearning for channel partners, you get the following total training solutions

  • Certify channel partners and their employees quickly – Implementing consistency across all locations. eLearning solutions provide efficiency and accuracy for all stakeholders involved.  
  • Set custom learning paths – With a centralized platform to deliver learning and training, you can cater to multiple learning styles for an inclusive and individualized learning experience for all learners. 
  • Track learning – With multiple eLearning tools at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of learners’ progress manually. Everything is accessible in the same central platform so you can see where people are having success in your training program and where they may need more support.  
  • Higher ROI – Boost sales and company growth by enhancing your customer experience. The better and more consistent training your channel partners have, the more loyalty you gain from those who support your business and its partners.  
  • Partner-specific training – eLearning solutions can be a widespread strategy for learning and development. In fact, your eLearning solutions should be customized to your needs and your channel partners.  

Let the world see and know your brand through transparency and integrity – this is the biggest success story you can have when you invest in a high-quality eLearning platform. You can continue building your brand and show the world what you offer. It all begins with effective training! 

Effective Channel Partner Training with the Use of an LMS 

Most businesses need to pay more attention to franchises and channel partners. This ensures that business stay organized and consistent across all locations.  We have already talked about how end-to-end learning solutions can bridge this gap. Now let’s explore a real-life example.  

Think about your local pizza chain. When you order pizza from one store and then visit the same chain in another location, you expect your favorite pizza order to be the same as your home location. This includes everything from the service down to the timeliness and taste. However, inconsistencies across locations can lead to unsatisfied employees and consumers, which decreases sales and puts your business at risk. It is up to franchise owners and channel partner leaders to create an environment where success can thrive.  

Additionally, when employee turnover is high, supply chains are all over the place and people are experiencing hardship, consistency and quality can bring them together. eLearning solutions prove to be a solid investment in keeping a work community together through reliable, trusted brands due to the benefits. Training leads to transparency, consistency, and quality. End-to-end eLearning solutions are your company’s way to stay ahead of the curve in your industry and with your clients. 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Udutu! 

Ready to learn more about an LMS and end-to-end eLearning solutions? We have everything you need for your channel partners.  In addition to all the benefits, you can easily train and certify your partners using an LMS. You can also guarantee employee and customer loyalty through improved and streamlined training processes.  

Here at Udutu, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are our promises to you. We also offer a course authoring tool to make content and training curation even easier. Together, we can establish the right training solution, whatever your training needs or goals.

Schedule your free consultation and demo with us today to get started!

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