It’s the Whole Package!

Udutu has the tools, services, and expertise to get your grocery business benefitting from better training quickly and easy.

Our web-based solutions save time, reduce costs, and will make your training and onboarding consistent, trackable, and efficient

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Simple Onboarding

Bring employees up to speed quickly, so they can get to work faster. Simplify your HR workflow with self-paced training for your employees, customized and automatically assigned based on specific jobs, locations, groups and more.

Trackable Training

Keep track as trainees make their way through their training. View what has been completed and viewed.

Tracking your on and even your offline training is key to improved training and performance. Udutu makes this easy!

We’ll provide you with the ability to create, deliver, track, store, and report on ALL of your training. It’s easier than you think

Quick & Easy Set Up

Employees can be added and/or automatically stored.

Groupings can be created for different locations, roles, and other specific training or reporting needs.

Content can be materials you already use, tasks or meetings that already take place, or entirely new activities and processes that include online modules and other exercises.

All of this leads to tracked training on single topics or more complex paths with multiple activities.

It’s easy and quick to get going and the benefits from it can be immediate.

“Yep! They get it!” …..really?

Tracking is everything if you really want to improve training. Too often ‘tracking’ consists of observing gestures and social cues only (nodding, smiles, eye contact, etc). Knowing with certainty what your teams actually understand, and when, will go a long way in supporting every part of your grocery business. It’s a permanent record that what needed to be understood, demonstrated, certified, etc. took place.

Our solution makes it easy to track Face to Face meetings, online meetings, tasks, online modules, PPTs, PDFs, Videos, and just about anything else you might want to include as training.

Reporting when you need it!

No programming required! You can easily reference the training that has, and hasn’t, taken place in various, customizable reports.

Proof of learning can be vital when disputes or litigation occur, however, its importance in simply managing the expectations, standards, and benefits training provides to your busy operation will be its greatest value.

Relevance (branding) improves training

Making your training relevant is key to improving the ‘stickiness’ of that training and something as simple as a single store in a larger chain with it’s own branded training platform can make a difference to that store’s employees. Tailor your training solution(s) with the colours, styles, fonts, & logos that best engage your audience(s) of learners—no programming required.

Create your own custom login page(s) and customize the look and feel of the user interface to maintain consistent branding and improved relevance for your learners.

Cloud Based

Reach your learners anywhere, anytime. Our solutions work on any device, and are easily accessed through any internet browser.

Reduce Overhead

Our solutions can reduce the time of a typical Face to Face training process by 60%…or more!


When you find a process, activity or content that works, repeat it! Refine as needed and repeat again and again! Increase consistency and improve efficiencies in the process

Reduce Turnover

Clearly define & communicate company rules, regulations, and job expectations. Improve compliance company-wide. Reduce the “I didn’t know that.” discussions that are so common in any team.


Seamlessly connect to existing HRIS, CRM, Payroll, and other systems where your learners are captured or managed already.

Less Paperwork

Our training solutions are likely to create empty file cabinets, discarded file folders, unused paperweights, and other paper-related casualties over time. Sorry for any hassles getting rid of it all!

Why Udutu?

It’s simple really – Udutu works!

Our solutions, our knowledge in improving training, and our commitment to working hard to ensure your success with our solutions all works for you!

An award-winning solutions provider since 2006, we’ve worked with thousands of clients in multiple sectors, industries, and parts of the world. All sizes of organizations and countless training initiatives have benefitted from Udutu. Our specific knowledge of retail, grocery, and training/learning will benefit your business too!

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