Cost-Saving Tips for Online Employee Training

online employee training
April 10, 2023

Training is essential to create a top-notch workforce. However, regardless of your company’s size and resources, online employee training is not always a budget-friendly venture.  

According to Training Magazine’s 2021 Training Industry Report, (an annual report that has been going strong for more than 40 years), the average training cost for a single employee is $1,071, which is on the rise. In fact, during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic from 2020 to 2021, training expenditures rose nearly 12%, for a total cost of $92.3 billion across all industries. 

The long-term benefits of a well-honed online employee training system can certainly outweigh the costs. However, there are immediate steps companies can take to save money on training from the start. 

From examining your established online training programs to finding new accessible and affordable options, there’s a lot that businesses can do to create a stellar workforce without breaking the bank. 

What is Online Employee Training? 

Online employee training is the modern tool companies of all sizes utilize to further their employees’ education on multiple fronts.  

Online courses can tackle any subject that an employer wants to cover, from onboarding to new policies and procedures. This can all be achieved with lots of flexibility along the way. Instead of being confined to a set location and time that an in-person training session requires, online courses can be completed at variable timetables, convenient with an employee’s schedule, which makes them less time consuming, and inherently less costly. 

How to Save Money When Planning Online Training Programs 

As online training becomes the norm for corporations and small businesses alike, there are new ways for companies to reduce costs when launching an online employee training system. 

Ensure All Training is Virtual 

Leasing a training space, ensuring travel for instructors and students, and requiring employees to take time off to be at a physical location are all inherent drawbacks of in-person training. As such, the first way companies can save money regarding training is to ensure all training sessions and courses are conducted online. With modern video conferencing solutions, and exceptional products that create interactive courses with ease, every topic can be addressed in an online classroom.  

Conduct a Need-to-know Review 

Not all employees need all of the online training sessions that your company offers. Ensuring that your courses are a good fit for your employees is imperative. Conduct an overview of the training sessions you currently offer (or plan to offer). Then, compare these sessions to your prospective learners. By ensuring that employees only receive the training they need to do their job, you can save time and personnel resources across the board. 

Ensure Your Courses are Goal Oriented 

In order to create an effective online employee training system, you need to first identify what you want your training to achieve. Do you want your employees to gain new skills? To be able to follow a new procedure to the letter? Or to approach their job in a new or specific way?  

Start your course design by identifying the finish line. By having a concrete goal, you want to achieve by the time the training is over, you’ll be able to form a better path to get there.  As a result, you will see a higher ROI, regardless of your training ambitions. 

Consider a Pre-designed Course 

Some course topics may be universal for all businesses, such as maintaining a respectful workplace, or preventing bullying in a work environment. Plan to offer online training in these essential topics. Additionally, you can save time and money by providing professionally developed courses and interactions that can be easily adapted or branded as your own. Click here for a sample of Udutu’s most popular and universal workplace courses, which are brandable, customizable, and SCORM compliant. 

Enlist a Professional Authoring Tool 

One of the most time-consuming elements of an online employee training system isn’t the training itself – it’s the course development.  

It takes time for your instructors and leaders to create a detailed course that engages users while sharing pertinent information, complete with multimedia files, interactive quizzes, and other elements that maintain students’ attention. 

The good news is that course creators can eliminate these extra time-funneling challenges using a professional authoring tool. An authoring tool can include pre-designed templates, easy video, and multimedia integration, and can even provide assessment surveys and quizzes. This is a great opportunity for your company leaders to develop online training courses that resonate easily.  

Convert a PowerPoint to an Online Course 

Chances are that your company has had in-person training sessions or other presentations on important topics for your personnel, such as onboarding information or job requirements. If so, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to use your existing training content.  

If you are making a move to a virtual learning environment, then put those existing training materials to good use by converting them to an online course.  

Udutu’s PowerPoint to HTML5 converter allows you to convert your PowerPoints into a web-ready course. This will save hours of time and effort along the way. You automatically save funds on online course creation from the start using your existing training materials (which have been effective in the past).  

Find a Client Focused Online Training Partner 

The best way a company can save money on developing online training programs is to start its initiatives with an experienced and detail-oriented partner.  

At Udutu, we put the power of online training in our clients’ hands. We understand that every business has different goals and ambitions regarding virtual training. From immediate training for front-line employees to broad courses that further education for years to come, an eLearning solution resource like Udutu is a great launching point for an effective online training system with a high ROI. 

Are you ready to start creating a more effective, knowledgeable, and productive workforce? We’re ready to join the conversation!  

Establish an Online Employee Training Program with Udutu  

Let’s discuss what you want your online training programs to achieve. From helping you design courses every step of the way, to giving you the tools to create your own continual online employee training system, Udutu is your best source for cost-effective online employee training strategies that work.  

Reach out to our experienced team today!   

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