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Udutu provides users affordable eLearning and training solutions such as the course authoring tool, Cloud LMS and PPT To SCORM Converter backed by quality on-demand support services.

Misconceptions About Online Learning

5 Misconceptions About Online Learning

For some, online education is an urban myth. Online learning has become ubiquitous with the internet expanding exponentially in the last decade and the advent of mass handheld devices, but so have the myths. In this blog post, we look at some of the common myths about online learning that…

Evaluating Training And ELearning

Use Four Levels to Evaluate Training and eLearning

The best way is to evaluate training is to keep in mind the following four levels of evaluation. Evaluation of eLearning content and training materials has always been a concern for business managers. No matter what the mode of training might be, managers are often confused as to how best…

Learning Types

7 Learning Types Everyone Should Know!

There are various types of learning methods and for most people it can be quite confusing as to what exactly these different concepts mean. To help you out, we have compiled a simple list of important learning concepts you should know when researching possible solutions for your eLearning needs. Active…

The Advantages Of Being An ELearner

The Advantages of being an eLearner

What exactly is an eLearner? Well simply put, an eLearner is any individual who engages in electronic technologies to access educational, training or developmental content outside of traditional learning methods. Over the years, there have been many terms used to define an eLearner such as a distant learner, online learner…

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