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Udutu provides users affordable eLearning and training solutions such as the course authoring tool, Cloud LMS and PPT To SCORM Converter backed by quality on-demand support services.

Gamification: A Way to Engage your Learners

Here is a Quick Tips course on how to add gamification to your online courses: Quick Tips: Gamification. Why it's important: An online course should help the learner to become engaged by building on their natural desire to explore, to understand new things and master them. "No compulsory learning can…


3 Reasons Why eLearning has Become More Popular

Build Courses in <1 hour with Udutu's LMS In the past 10 years, eLearning has increased in popularity. There are many benefits to eLearning for both the learners and the organizations that encourage their staff to do so. For companies looking add to train employees, online courses are an affordable,…

Engaging Course Design

3 Tips for Engaging Course Design

Designing an online course can be an overwhelming task at times. How do you engage the learner? Here are 3 tips you can start using immediately to improve your eLearning Here are some simple ways you can improve the design of your course and change it from tedious to pleasurable…

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