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Udutu provides users affordable eLearning and training solutions such as the course authoring tool, Cloud LMS and PPT To SCORM Converter backed by quality on-demand support services.

Udutu’s New Office Location

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location at Shoal Point, Victoria!  We spent the last few years in Uptown ; our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn't be more excited about our new space. Shoal…

The Abyss Of Corporate Training

Avoiding the Abyss of Corporate Training

Corporate training programs can often end up being a disappointment: that’s just the plain hard truth most business managers find hard to swallow. According to the American Society for Training and Development (ATD), most North American firms spend an average of $1200 a year training an employee, for a combined national…

The Art Of Learning In The Modern Era

The Art of Learning in the Modern Era

When it comes to learning, the theories out there are dime a dozen. Since the days of Plato & Locke talking about behaviorism, cognitive constructivism and social constructivism to modern philosophies of transformative learning & neuroscience imprinting, the debate has been endless. However, one point though on which all experts agree…

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