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Introducing the New and Improved Udutu Authoring Tool

The Udutu Authoring Tool is New and Improved! We have been busy here at Udutu improving what is already one of the most powerful course development tools on the market. You asked, we listened. Not only have we updated the look, we have added the features our users have been asking for. New enhancements include: The ability to organize and sort your courses, New design notes that you can download and save so you have a record summary for every screen in your course, Improved library management, Enhanced library search functionality, Support for HTML5 multi-part files. The infographic below explains…

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The Truth About Free Software

There Must be a Catch: The Truth About Free Software

It’s not about the money.  Certainly one objective of a free tool is to make it available to everyone and eliminate price obstacles. But the main reason is that a free tool allows more people to spend time on the instructional design without being held back by restrictive licensing issues. Why? Several reasons. First there is the reality that a licensed authoring tool associated with a cost will usually be limited to a few desktops. Typically a specific group of people who will use it a lot. That makes sense. But the problem that goes along with that, is that now…

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A Year In Review: How E-learning Solutions Make Life Simple.

A year in review: How e-learning solutions make life simple.

Upping the ante 2013 was a year of epic proportion as the world watched hundreds of new trends and applications develop into billion dollar companies. With the overwhelming amount of new technology being released on a regular basis, do you ever wonder how you’re supposed to keep up? We do. That’s why we’re determined to provide you with functional, user friendly interfaces that don’t make you feel you’ve been left in the dust. So if you are feeling a little left behind, here’s a quick recap of last year’s developments. The Udutu mission is to make online learning an effective,…

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Why Use E-Learning?

With limited resources and budgets, many more organizations are now using e-learning as a means to deliver quality training to its workforce. It is not the same as learning face-to-face and it is not always a substitute for traditional classroom instruction. The reality is there is always room for both types of courses. In, fact they can complement each other very well. Instructional Methods E-learning can provide effective instructional methods, such as practicing with associated feedback, combining collaboration activities with self-paced study, personalizing learning paths based on learners’ needs and using simulation or games. E-learning aren’t just ‘page turners’ any…

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