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Earn Easy Money by Selling Online Courses

When it comes to making easy money, nothing comes close to selling online courses for a fee. Everyone is an expert in one field or the other and all that is needed, is to leverage those skills and expertise to make a course and earn easy money. However, a lot of new users have a fear of the unknown and the fear of failure. They worry too much about whether they are going to make it or not in this seemingly difficult terrain of e-learning.  Udutu being the expert in online learning since 2005, has learnt a lot about students and…

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The Abyss Of Corporate Training

Avoiding the Abyss of Corporate Training

Corporate training programs can often end up being a disappointment: that’s just the plain hard truth most business managers find hard to swallow. According to the American Society for Training and Development (ATD), most North American firms spend an average of $1200 a year training an employee, for a combined national spend of more than $300 billion dollars. With a skills retention rate of less than 20% for new training, that’s a colossal monetary loss. So why is it so and what can be done about it? Here are the top reasons why corporate training fails to deliver and how to avoid…

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The Art Of Learning In The Modern Era

The Art of Learning in the Modern Era

When it comes to learning, the theories out there are dime a dozen. Since the days of Plato & Locke talking about behaviorism, cognitive constructivism and social constructivism to modern philosophies of transformative learning & neuroscience imprinting, the debate has been endless. However, one point though on which all experts agree are the shared variables of learning patterns regardless of their degrees of influence; those being emotional, cognitive, and environmental influencers. Experience and “Instincts” have also been judged as additionally playing a role in the process. How an LMS Helps Deliver Effective Training Within the online learning industry, this is what…

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A Year In Review: How E-learning Solutions Make Life Simple.

A year in review: How e-learning solutions make life simple.

Upping the ante 2013 was a year of epic proportion as the world watched hundreds of new trends and applications develop into billion dollar companies. With the overwhelming amount of new technology being released on a regular basis, do you ever wonder how you’re supposed to keep up? We do. That’s why we’re determined to provide you with functional, user friendly interfaces that don’t make you feel you’ve been left in the dust. So if you are feeling a little left behind, here’s a quick recap of last year’s developments. The Udutu mission is to make online learning an effective,…

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