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9 Tips On How to Improve Your Workplace Safety Culture

Workplace safety is something all employers take seriously. According to Worksafe BC, there were at least 2.6 million days lost from work because of workplace injuries in British Columbia in 2016. About 150,000 workers in British Columbia reported getting injured on the job in 2016—a 2.8 percent increase from claims reported in 2015. Still, things are getting better. According to WorkSafeBC data, the rate of workplace deaths due to injury has decreased 67 per cent in the past two decades. That’s down to 0.34 deaths per 10,000 person-years of work in 2014 from 1.02 in 1990. This reduction is based…

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Personalized Online Learning Management News for August 2017 | Udutu

Each month Udutu publishes Personal Online Learning Management News, a curated selection of articles about online learning, LMS, and other topics related to adult online learning. Developing Employees’ Strengths Boosts Sales, Profit, and Engagement HBR reports the more hours a day adults believe they use their strengths, the more likely they are to report having ample energy, feeling well-rested, being happy, smiling or laughing a lot, learning something interesting, and being treated with respect. In addition, people who use their strengths every day are more than three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and six…

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3 Reasons Why eLearning has Become More Popular

Build Courses in <1 hour with Udutu's LMS In the past 10 years, eLearning has increased in popularity. There are many benefits to eLearning for both the learners and the organizations that encourage their staff to do so. For companies looking add to train employees, online courses are an affordable, time-effective way to increase knowledge so more and more organizations are choosing online training over traditional training methods. Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly eLearning requires an upfront investment but each time the course is accessed your ROE improves because you are dividing the fixed production costs by number of uses. There are…

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Misconceptions About Online Learning

5 Misconceptions about Online Learning

For some, online education is an urban myth. Online learning has become ubiquitous with the internet expanding exponentially in the last decade and the advent of mass handheld devices, but so have the myths. In this blog post, we look at some of the common myths about online learning that we come across everyday. Common Myths of Online Learning Online Learning is difficult.The most common misconception amongst all new online leaners is that online learning is somehow very difficult. This is certainly not true as the content and difficulty of the course or the content depends on the content creator…

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Learning Types

7 Learning Types Everyone Should Know!

There are various types of learning methods and for most people it can be quite confusing as to what exactly these different concepts mean. To help you out, we have compiled a simple list of important learning concepts you should know when researching possible solutions for your eLearning needs. Active vs Passive Learning Active learning is the opposite of passive learning which involves no input or feedback on part of the learner. An example of passive learning would be lecture based teaching in which students passively listen to the teacher. In the process of Active learning, an individual is engaged…

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