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Online Learner Engagement

The Secrets of Learner Engagement and Online Course Development

This is the first of a two-part series about online learner engagement.  If every topic of every course was fascinating stuff that learners were hungry to learn, then engagement would be no problem. However, course content sometimes isn’t all that engaging, which means your employees are not getting the training they need to help your business thrive. However, there are some simple tips for designing online training that will increase employee engagement and help make a difference in your bottom line. Engage learners by providing choice The primary rule of engagement is to make the course into a series of…

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How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved?

Udutu has been giving away a powerful, free, online course authoring tool since 2006. So far, nearly 89,000 organizations have created authoring tool accounts and have published more than 177,000 courses in the last 12 years. In recent years, the team at Udutu has been noticing changes to both content and course design. Let's explore what is driving the changes. How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved Since 2006? In 2006, when Udutu first started providing our course offering tool for free, it was still taken for granted that the best way to learn something was to take a…

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Gamification: A Way to Engage your Learners

Here is a Quick Tips course on how to add gamification to your online courses: Quick Tips: Gamification. Why it's important: An online course should help the learner to become engaged by building on their natural desire to explore, to understand new things and master them. "No compulsory learning can remain in the teaching children, train them by a kind of game, and you will be able to see more clearly the natural bent of each" (Plato, The Republic, Book VII) Gamification doesn't have to involve gold stars or badges. It can simply involve presenting the learner with a…

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