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Flash Support Ends 2020

NEWS FLASH: Flash is Outta Here!

Let Udutu convert your old Flash courses into HTML5 before it's too late! Flash to HTML5 — What Does the End of Life for Flash Mean for You? You may have noticed already that some browsers have already stopped supporting Flash and that it is becoming harder and harder to view Flash objects online. If you have e-learning courses this problem is only going to become larger. On December 31, 2020, Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash. Neglecting to convert Flash content to HTML5 will have implications for a number of industries. There are a number…

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Gamification: A Way to Engage your Learners

"A good game is just a series of interesting choices." (Sid Meier, creator of "Civilization" and "Railroad Tycoon" video game series) "No compulsory learning can remain in the soul... in teaching children, train them by a kind of game, and you will be able to see more clearly the natural bent of each." (Plato, The Republic, Book VII) Employers and trainers are frequently encouraged to include "gamification" with their online curriculum. However, there are some misconceptions about what gamification actually is in an elearning context, and how to implement it in order to encourage effective learning outcomes. What is Gamification…

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How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved?

Udutu has been giving away a powerful, free, online course authoring tool since 2006. So far, nearly 89,000 organizations have created authoring tool accounts and have published more than 177,000 courses in the last 12 years. In recent years, the team at Udutu has been noticing changes to both content and course design. Let's explore what is driving the changes. How Have Course Authoring Tools Changed and Improved Since 2006? In 2006, when Udutu first started providing our course offering tool for free, it was still taken for granted that the best way to learn something was to take a…

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Powerpoint Scorm Converter

More Than Converting PowerPoints: How Engaging Employees Will Improve Your Training Outcomes

Udutu's Richard Mundell discusses going beyond converting PowerPoints to create truly engaging training A graduate of the National Coaching Institute in Victoria, Canada, Richard started his career as a professional sailing coach working with provincial and national team athletes striving for national and international success. He was eventually recruited for, and transitioned into, business and IT management applying his analysis and coaching skills to the natural gas and mobile telecom industries as an analyst and certified ITIL specialist. Get help with your online course development >> In 2001, Richard was asked to help West Marine, the world’s largest retailer in…

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9 Tips On How to Improve Your Workplace Safety Culture

Workplace safety is something all employers take seriously. According to Worksafe BC, there were at least 2.6 million days lost from work because of workplace injuries in British Columbia in 2016. About 150,000 workers in British Columbia reported getting injured on the job in 2016—a 2.8 percent increase from claims reported in 2015. Still, things are getting better. According to WorkSafeBC data, the rate of workplace deaths due to injury has decreased 67 per cent in the past two decades. That’s down to 0.34 deaths per 10,000 person-years of work in 2014 from 1.02 in 1990. This reduction is based…

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