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Dear Udutu Customers,

We are always striving to improve your experience with our e-learning products. This weekend we are under going a major hardware upgrade. This means that on Saturday December 15th from 7 PM PST – 8PM PST our services will be offline. We appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at


Udutu Team

The Course Authoring Tool and the Learning Management System are stand-alone applications that require the creation of two separate accounts.


How do I upgrade my free LMS account?

Once you’re ready to grow to 5+ active users/month, you can easily purchase a subscription plan to upgrade your account.
    1. Simply log into your LMS account.
    2. Click the SUBSCRIPTION tab on the left hand navigation. 
    3. Enter the number of active users you would like and select Monthly or Annual billing (20% savings). You will then be able to select your preferred payment type (i.e. Pay Pal or Credit Card).

For more information on pricing, please see our Plans and Pricing page.

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