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In the past 10 years, eLearning has increased in popularity. There are many benefits to eLearning for both the learners and the organizations that encourage their staff to do so.

For companies looking add to train employees, online courses are an affordable, time-effective way to increase knowledge so more and more organizations are choosing online training over traditional training methods.

Tips for Learner Engagement and Online Course Development

How Does E-learning Benefit the Learner? – CommLab India

Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly

eLearning requires an upfront investment but each time the course is accessed your ROE improves because you are dividing the fixed production costs by number of uses.

There are also savings through decreased travel, reduced material, classroom rental, and documentation costs. Trainer costs are typically one-time since the same material may be reused by many learners.

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There are additional cost savings in paid employee time as well. Not only do you save on travel time, typical classroom training takes much longer than online. eLearning is not only more cost effective but also environmentally friendly. Decreased travel of learners and trainers reduces the carbon footprint and since all of this is in electronic format, paper consumption is significantly reduced.

Improved Retention

Technology has allowed online courses to be far more interactive than they have been in the past. Courses no longer have to be linear and only require the participant to read text on a screen. Branching technology enables the learners to make choices so online courses can be designed more like games to increase engagement. Studies have shown that gamification enhances learner engagement and improves retention.

How Does E-learning Benefit the Learner? – An InfographicMany tools on the market have made it easy to incorporate this type of gamification. Branching technology and assessments can also help personalize the study materials for each learner giving them additional resources and paths through the material that can be based on learning styles or existing knowledge.

The employer may now reliably use learning tools to match competencies with the learning goals achieved by the employee. This is an improvement to conventional learning methods.

eLearning also allows students to get through the material at their own pace and without having to wait for others, eLearning participants can learn almost five times more material without increasing time spent in training.

Courses can also be designed so that they can be used as a resource later. By keeping the eLearning content separate from the assessment, learners can go through the material as many times as they need to be successful at the exam and return to the material again to review it at a later date.


A key reason that eLearning has seen such a growth in adoption in recent years is the ability for people to undertake where and when they please. Traditionally learning was done “just-in-case” where as today’s technology has allowed us to learn “just-in-time”, learning concepts and skills as we need them.

With online material and a lack of a regimented class timetable, people can fit the learning around their work and family life, rather than the other way around. They can approach the course in the way that works best for them, with courses deliberately tailored for self-study to make the process as flexible as possible.

Another benefit of eLearning courses is that they can be accessed throughout the day so employees can learn the subject at their own pace and in a comfortable environment.

Also, it ensures the fast learners may complete their training sooner which can enhance productivity. Having training available 24/7 makes it possible for the employers to offer staff training in different time zones without a constraint on internal resources.

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