PowerPoint to HTML5

The PowerPoint to HTML5 converter allows you to convert your PowerPoints into a web ready course saving you time and effort .


PowerPoint to HTML5 – Additional Benefits

Easy Authoring

With the Udutu converter you can quite simply create training and eLearning courses from your existing PowerPoint presentation. Course authoring has never been this easy. Click and convert with one click.




Advanced Features

The tool comes bundled with the authoring tool allowing you to add and edit options in your content, and build detailed screens such as those containing assessments, animations and video.




Scalable Solution

Udutu is a complete eLearning platform so you can scale as per your need, if you want to expand beyond creation of courses. With the LMS and support services available, your eLearning journey is covered.




Support Included

All of Udutu’s services are backed by North America based support to help you make the most of our solutions. 





The PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter provides incredible value to anyone looking for an instant solution without the time or resources to invest in learning an authoring tool


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What is a LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is an application (self hosted or web based) for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.Its primarily purpose is in content/course delivery and distribution, training and continuing education.


What is Course Authoring?

Course Authoring tools are used to help develop and present your eLearning content. They additionally give you the tools to be creative with the delivery and distribution of your course. e-Learning authoring tools enable trainers to mix an array of scenarios and content types to create specialised, appealing and interactive training content.


On-Demand Services

Udutu offers a variety of on-demand professional services such as course development and multimedia production to meet all your training needs. Over ten years, we have helped hundreds of organizations effectively develop and roll out their training content. Contact us to get a Quote in case you or your business are looking for customized solutions.


Need more Info?

Here at Udutu, we take great pride in helping eLearners understand different engagement based learning solutions that make a difference. Over ten years, Udutu has helped thousands of clients of all sizes increase customer retention,employee engagement and training effectiveness.Contact us to help us help you make this transition.