Our Credo

At the heart of Udutu’s core values lies the User Experience and User Design; our goal is to make the eLearning journey for our users as intuitive as possible.


analytics-8Simple and Powerful

We believe that instructionally sound and media rich courses enhance the learning experience and get results! Therefore deployment should be affordable, scalable and work seamlessly in any training environment .
Our easy-to-use software delivers the flexibility and power our users need. Every feature is loaded with innovations and functionality.
Use the pre-designed templates or exercise complete autonomy in creating course flow the way you want it.
Designed primarily for non-technical Subject Matter Experts, our eLearning solutions also allow for custom coding and enhancements by expert users.


boxesGuides and Structure

We  believe that non-technical people need well designed, easy-to-use solutions to quickly create captivating courses and distribute them.
We know from experience that rich media enhances the learning experience, so we’ve integrated features that support a wide range of media from graphics, video and audio, to complex multi-part flash elements and even PowerPoint files. The result? Training that works!
Learners will be engaged through game-like scenarios that present them with choices and decisions that must be made as they progress through the material.
When learners are fully engaged, they are more likely to retain their newly formed skills and knowledge.


projectorAffordable and Scalable

A first class course is weak if it ends with a simple deployment on your server. If you can’t track learners’ progress, you won’t be able to measure your training success.
Our affordable Learning Management System gives you the flexibility to grow with your client base, from just a handful of learners to thousands.
The robust Udutu eLearning solution – Course Authoring Tool and LMS – is all you need to launch your training program quickly and efficiently. AND, you’ll get free support all the way!


We envision a future where people use our simple and cost effective tools to increase customer engagement, improve efficiency and reach their educational and training goals.


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What is a LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is an application (self hosted or web based) for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses or training programs.Its primarily purpose is in content/course delivery and distribution, training and continuing education.


What is Course Authoring?

Course Authoring tools are used to help develop and present your eLearning content. They additionally give you the tools to be creative with the delivery and distribution of your course. e-Learning authoring tools enable trainers to mix an array of scenarios and content types to create specialised, appealing and interactive training content.


On-Demand Services

Udutu offers a variety of on-demand professional services such as course development and multimedia production to meet all your training needs. Over ten years, we have helped hundreds of organizations effectively develop and roll out their training content. Contact us to get a Quote in case you or your business are looking for customized solutions.


Need more Info?

Here at Udutu, we take great pride in helping eLearners understand different engagement based learning solutions that make a difference. Over ten years, Udutu has helped thousands of clients of all sizes increase customer retention,employee engagement and training effectiveness.Contact us to help us help you make this transition.