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Roger Mundell

CEO Udutu Canada

Roger Mundell has been a successful entrepreneur for 30 years. In 1996 he became captivated by the challenges facing Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia.The newly created University had to leverage very limited physical space by taking advantage of emerging online learning technologies. For the next eight and a half years, as the Director of Technology Transfer, Research and Innovation at Royal Roads, Roger created and led the teams that were recognized around the world for innovation in online learning technology, and he funded all the R&D by building a robust external client base.

In 1998 his team led the world by introducing the first learning-styles adaptive, dynamic course authoring platform with a reusable learning objects repository, and levels of learner interactivity that were previously unknown in online learning circles. In 2002/2003 he led a collaborative project between Telus, Canarie, The Justice Institute of British Columbia, and Royal Roads University to develop a unique authoring tool that enabled media rich interactive simulations to be quickly and inexpensively built and modified by non-programmers.

Roger has spoken and lectured at conferences and institutions around the world on the subjects of reusable (shareable) learning objects, and interactive online learning. He is a frequent speaker, advisor, and panelist on the subjects of online learning, technology, and entrepreneurial management.

In October 2005 Roger left the University, along with key members of the CEDAR team, and created Udutu to leverage all of their research and development experience into an ultimate new solution. In addition to the talented team he had worked with at RRU, Roger was joined by Ron Hart; one of the west coast’s foremost visionaries.


Richard Mundell


A graduate of the National Coaching Institute in Canada, Richard started his career in professional coaching (Sailing). He transitioned into business management where his analysis and coaching skills proved extremely valuable.

He worked in IT Management, District Level Sales Management, & Product Category Management, including high level involvement in Business Analysis and Strategic Planning. Richard’s experience includes the Information Technology, Natural Gas Distribution, Mobile Communications, and international retailer sectors as well as a foray into the field of Internet Privacy Solutions. A believer in lifelong learning, Richard was attracted to the emerging eLearning sector after his experiences with a large international retailer and a high turnover workforce.

In January 2009, Richard co-founded and became president of UDUTU’s US subsidiary. In this role, Richard works with a team that is dedicated to making eLearning faster, easier and cheaper to implement through innovative tools and services.

We are a diverse group of online learning experts with a rich history of learning innovation, creative solutions, and exceptional service!


Maria Davidson

VP Operations

Maria, with a degree in biochemistry from the University of Victoria, spent 3 years working as a lab technician/assistant administrator for the UVic-Genome BC Proteomics Centre. She decided to leave her science roots and venture into the IT industry in July of 2006 when she joined the Udutu team as office manager.

Her background in science has made her a quick learner and has given her the organizational and problem solving skills needed to manage resources and projects. Within two years, Maria quickly moved into the VP of Operations role. She currently works directly to manage projects, staff, multimedia production resources, as well as assist in course development projects.

She also plays a key role in marketing and sales. Maria also served multiple terms on the Board of Directors of VIATeC, an organization developed to promote and enhance the development of the local advanced technology industry.


Richard Lane

Instructional/elearning Designer

Richard brings his background in Media/Graphic design as well as a history of work as foreman in an aqua-culture facility, retail manager, and a journeyman electrician to our company. Drawing from his diverse work experience and well rounded history of schooling, Richard brings a wealth of personal insight to each of the courses he develops.

His primary focus is that of branding and interface design; and he has enjoyed bringing his talents to the online learning and instructional design aspects of our projects. Richard graduated from a local Web & Graphic Design school at the top of his class and was the winner of the New Media Design award.

Before joining our team Richard worked independently creating web sites, corporate branding, graphic design and motion graphics.

Contact Us and we will work together with you to find the best solution for your learning and training needs.


Meng Dong

Software Engineer

Meng Graduated from Nanjing University of Telecommunications with a BSc in Computer Science. She spent 2 years working there as a teaching assistant and researcher. She was also part of a Ministerial-level award winning team that created a Management Information System. Next, she moved to Shanghai and began her career as a web developer.

Later, she joined world leading Telecom Equipment Manufacturer and worked in core network and mobile network area as a software engineer, before moving to Canada. Now, she brings her years of experience in software and web development to Udutu.


Laureen Barry

Instructional /eLearning Designer

In 1999 Laureen joined the Technology Transfer, Research and Innovation department at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, as office manager. With a Diploma in office administration and experience as a Legal Secretary, she brought strong project management and organizational skills to a team dedicated to the newly emerging eLearning field.

It didn’t take long before she became captivated by the possibilities of eLearning and immersed herself in new technologies associated with online course development. She quickly moved into a more creative role with an innovative team that pioneered the award-winning CEDAR Learning Content and Learning Management System – the first dynamic, learning-styles adaptive, course authoring platform with a reusable learning objects repository.
As a dedicated life-long learner, Laureen expanded her skills to include videography and rich media production – including the currently popular white-board animations style.

Laureen is passionate about using her extensive instructional design and online course development experience, to assist clients in achieving their eLearning goals, from inception to deployment.

Decades of experience in all things eLearning


Chelsey Foster

Software Engineer

Equipped with a masters in computer science, Chelsey is a young and passionate engineer who loves working on creative ways of improving core design functionalities that can add value to our end users.


Jim Arbon

Instructional /eLearning Designer

Jim is an expert in website design & development, eLearning, graphic design and communications. He is the type of person who is excited by ideas. A great idea will keep him up awake late in the night thinking about all the ways it might blossom.

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