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What is different about Udutu?

At udutu we are striving to minimise the barriers that can slow your deployment of effective, engaging, online training and learning. We have created powerful, easy to use online solutions, and we have made pricing models that start with free. The authoring tool is always free, and the Learning management System (LMS) starts free for small organizations and can be scaled up as required. This let you minimise risk, collaborate easily, and prove to yourself that your training is successful before you have to make any significant investment.

If your tool is free, how does Udutu make money?

We have faith in human nature. We know that a certain percentage of users will not have the time or resources to complete their project by themselves. So when they look for help, they turn to us, and our thriving custom development team gets all of its work from the user base of the free authoring tool. We don’t need any salespeople, and the free tool does our marketing for us, so we can create engaging courses faster and at less cost than anywhere else.

I don’t understand the LMS pricing options.

The learning management system can be set up for free, and you can add as many users as you wish, or set up a self enrollment system. Once somebody actually begins a course you will use a credit, valued at $5. You get five of these for free, and can add more as you need them. This model gives you a firm fixed one time cost per course, and only when someone actually takes it. It is ideal for situations where you will have a growing number of people taking a course only once, but with ongoing access.

If you have a large number of people taking many courses, then a monthly subscription is a better option. With this method you pay a fixed monthly fee for a maximum estimated number of active users. So for example if you have 500 employees, and expect that in any given month up to 100 of them might log in to the LMS and take courses, you pay a fixed sum of $200 per month regardless of how many courses are taken.

You can easily switch from one type of plan to another, and can actually combine them.

What is the ten dollar a month subscription about?

For ten years we have provided the authoring tool absolutely free, and included the ability to convert PowerPoints into HTML or Flash. As flash has declined, both as a technology and also in terms of browser support, it became necessary to provide an alternative conversion process that could convert animations into HTML5 or javascript that would work on devices such as iPads or mobile phones.

So we replaced our own utilities with a licensed third party product that would cost hundreds of dollars for you to buy as a desktop tool, but which we can make available to those who need it for just ten dollars per month. If you don’t need to convert PowerPoints to SCORM compliant HTML5 then you don’t need this option. From a pedagogical perspective it is always better to translate the learning objectives of your PowerPoint into interactive templates in the authoring tool, rather than just importing directly. (PowerPoints tend to assume someone is also leading a linear presentation). But you can import it and add interactive screens and assessments after it is in the tool.

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