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Our Roots

The team pioneered many of the elearning concepts in widespread use today. Udutu is brought to you by the award winning team that created the Cedar research projects at Royal Roads University. To make Udutu Online Learning Solutions more pedagogically sound the Udutu team drew upon lessons learned from previous learning and simulation tools we developed and deployed as University researchers.

In 1998 the team produced an authoring system that allowed authors to build dynamic web courses with learning styles, adaptive navigation, and reusable learning objects. The courses produced by the system were the first such courses, and the first to demonstrate shareable content objects. They were also the first to demonstrate the redeployment of content to suit different navigation systems and learning styles. The elegant interface won awards from Macromedia twice in a row as the most innovative application in higher education. It was also showcased by Microsoft for the way it integrated Microsoft’s web calendaring interface.

By 2000 the team had developed KoolTool, a simpler, easier to use version of the authoring tool to meet the demands of corporate clients who enjoyed many of the features, but were less interested in the learning styles adaptability. KoolTool continued to evolve until March 2005. In 2002/2003 the team built LOGIC, the first case-study/simulation authoring tool, and once again garnered awards and recognition for innovation just ahead of the curve. By 2005 everyone was interested in online simulations and reusable case studies, but in 2002 it was a hard sell.

The team left Royal Roads University in 2005 to create Udutu Learning Systems Inc. Udutu is a privately held company that was created in October 2005. The team set about to build the ultimate platform, based on the findings and experiences of the previous eight years of applied research at Cedar, Royal Roads University.

In May 2006 the Udutu team released their online learning solution as a free authoring tool. Needless to say, it has quickly gathered an extensive following from enthusiastic users who continue to recommend it to colleagues and clients.

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