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eLearning Solutions


Quickly set up a complete eLearning platform with unlimited learners.

Infinitely Scaleable Learning Management System
Free Course Authoring Tool
PowerPoint to SCORM Conversion

Join the UDUTU eLearning Family of 70,000 Customers & 4 Million Users

Udutu is everything you need to quickly set up your personalized eLearning system

Incredible Value

Udutu is an inexpensive All-in-One eLearning platform that allows you to create courses, distribute training and track & monitor results.

Simple and Intuitive

Customers can quickly develop courses & track them on the LMS without the need to be technical experts or have any prior programming skills.

No Licenses

Teams can access the tool without a license. This speeds up QA processes, increases engagement and reduces administrative burden post deployment.

Start Immediately

Training has never been easier with an effortless and rapid deployment of Udutu’s platform without the need for IT Resources.


Customers can build and launch training, bringing in additional resources (for example, graphic artists) to add content from anywhere in the world.

North America Based Support

For Udutu, you are more than an invoice. Your success is our success so we are always here if you need us! 




We believe our first responsibility is to provide our users with world class and feature rich, yet cost effective eLearning solutions that meet their needs. At the heart of Udutu’s core values lies the User Experience and User Design; our goal is to make the eLearning journey for our users as intuitive as possible.


What Udutu features can help you meet your eLearning requirement?

Customizable themes and templates

Complex assessments and interactions

Game like scenarios

Extract, deploy & distribute content

Brandable content

PowerPoint to SCORM conversion

Tracking and Reporting

Section 508 Compliance

eLearning Solutions from Udutu

Udutu’s Course authoring tool is an easy‑to‑use and easy‑to‑master, web based tool helping you create engaging content that gets results.

Pre-Designed Templates – Templates allow you to effortlessly present engaging material to learners through interactions, gamification styled scenarios and rich media presentations. Add branching simulations, case-studies, interactive quizzes, and complex assessments to your online courses.

Supports Multimedia – The Udutu online course authoring tool supports all major graphic, sound, and video formats which are automatically optimized for web delivery. With little to no media production experience, you can easily integrate multimedia into your online courses.

SCORM Compliant – Courses extracted from our authoring tool are SCORM compliant and integrate seamlessly into any SCORM compliant LMS system. If you don’t have an LMS, try our online LMS system. Our LMS supports any SCORM compliant courses you may already have.

Upload PowerPoints – If you are new to online learning or quickly need to get your training online, easily upload your PowerPoint presentations and turn them immediately into engaging courses without the need to learn the tool. The perfect solution for corporate trainers in every industry. Upgrade for just $10/month for unlimited access to this feature.


With Udutu, you can fulfill your training and compliance needs quickly and effortlessly in a simple browser without requiring IT resources.

Empower – Udutu empowers the non-professional course developer to quickly create effective online learning – and if you have a question, we are there to support you every step of the way.

Collaborate – Udutu is easily used by multiple people at the same time – which improves development time, increases engagement, and allows resources to be leveraged anywhere in the world.

Scale – Udutu is completely web-based which means there is no need to worry about IT resources, licensing fees or administration. Start small and then scale up, as fast as you need to!

Designed to meet to your specific needs
Association Managers
Retail and Franchise Managers

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